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        Hastelloy (Hastelloy alloy)

        Date:2011-11-18 15:35


        One. Currently divided into B, C, G three series, corrosive media where it is mainly used for iron-based Cr-Ni or Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel, non-metallic materials can not be used.
             To improve the corrosion resistance of Hastelloy and cold, thermal processing performance, Hastelloy has carried out three major improvements, the development process is as follows:
             Series B: B → B-2 (00Ni70Mo28) → B-3
             C Series: C → C-276 (00Cr16Mo16W4) → C-4 (00Cr16Mo16) → C-22 (00Cr22Mo13W3) → C-2000 (00Cr20Mo16)
             G Series: G → G-3 (00Cr22Ni48Mo7Cu) → G-30 (00Cr30Ni48Mo7Cu)
             At present, the most widely used second-generation material N10665 (B-2), N10276 (C-276), N06022 (C-22), N06455 (C-4) and N06985 (G-3).
             Second, the typical chemical composition of Hastelloy: Annex.
             Third, the mechanical properties
             Mechanical properties of Hastelloy very prominent, it has a high strength, high toughness characteristics, so in terms of machining with some difficulty, and its strong strain hardening tendency, when the deformation rate of 15%, which is about 18-8 double stainless steel. Hastelloy still exist in the temperature-sensitive zone, with its tendency to increase sensitization deformation rate increases. When the temperature is high, Hastelloy harmful elements make it easy to absorb mechanical properties and corrosion resistance decreased.

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